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Hospitality businesses are fast paced and ever changing to optimize their services to meet and hopefully exceed customer expectations. And, at the same time maintain a conducive work environment for employees. Business environments like these require dependable behind-the-scenes programs, procedures, training, planning, forecasting, and most importantly an integrated network system.

As a hospitality business, your system must be capable of hosting a variety of applications and equipment that ensures accurate sales, pricing, communications, vending, PCI compliance, security, and confidentiality of data to name a few. That's where we come in.

Our hospitality industry IT designs include solutions for:

  • Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) for security
  • Point of Sale
  • Cash Registers
  • Credit Card Swiping


In the hospitality environment, customers expect the best. They are driven by value, convenience, efficient service, and satisfaction. Businesses who fail to meet these customer expectations fall short of the mark and are not maximizing their business potential.


Hospitality designs are far from simple and straight forward. Designs must include systems and processes that ensure smooth transactions, sales, recordkeeping, data storage, backups, and information technology (networks and infrastructure) that can handle the flow.

Some of the elements that should be included in an IT hospitality design are:

  • Online sales
  • In store shopping
  • Cost and budgets
  • Flexibility, consistency and dependability
  • Deployment and distribution of goods
  • POS systems
  • Work stations
  • Data storage
  • Backup system
  • Servers, tape drives, redundancy, and like components
  • Backoffice environment and equipment
  • Software applications
  • Spam and virus solutions

Support and Service

Support and service of hospitality systems are available from SpectrumIT. We can help design and manage systems that provide dependability and customer satisfaction.

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