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Security is not optional with BriteMail Encryption service. Using proven encryption technologies, this service provides strong security for your most sensitive e-mail communications and is one of the easiest solutions to use. The solution helps you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by providing end-to-end security for your e-mail and mobile messaging, without disrupting your business. BriteMail Encryption integrates with your existing infrastructure and can be rapidly deployed both internally and externally.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures protection of confidential information and regulatory compliance while enabling the efficient continuation of business processes
  • Enables easy-to-use protection of email traffic to any user, with no client software required
  • Requires minimal operational overhead, eliminates message or key storage, and has the lowest volume of help desk calls in the industry
  • Scales to the largest enterprise and integrates with existing technology investments, including content filtering and identity management solutions
  • Eases administration through centralized management and reporting, even across multiple data centers

SpectrumIT can provide strategic solutions to ensure your email is an asset that works toward the success of your company, instead of creating security problems that could affect your business and your bottom line.

Whether you are sending confidential employee information to a co-worker, financial data to a client or a proposal to an outside sales rep’s wireless device, end-to-end encryption is made easy with BriteMail Encryption.

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